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3kgs Pu'er Gold Buds Tea Brick
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3kgs Pu'er Gold Buds Tea Brick

As fantastic as this tea, it's one in the million of a chance to have it.

  • Item code: G53D5F7C5F4194
  • Weight.: 3000.000 (g)
  • Item number: G53D5F7C5F4194
  • Unit: piece
  • Points: 51853
  • List Price: $7461.00
  • Price: $7461.00

            The Treasure of Luyu Tea Culture Exchange Center. With superior quality and mellow fragrance, and through exquisite processing, the tea is representative of top-grade Pu'er Tea. It's not an exaggeration to say that it's much easier for one to come by a piece of gold than to obtain a piece of top-grade Pu'er Tea.

t3012 Said: 18-10-24 16:34
Hi, how many years is this tea? Thanks
管理员[杨芳芳]  Reply: 18-10-25 10:27
Hello, the year of this tea is 1985.
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