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Tusi Grand Brick Tea
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Tusi Grand Brick Tea

“Tusi”refers to Chieftain in Chinese.The choice tea leaves were collected and made into Tusi Tea Bricks for them. Box size:31cm*31cm*13cm

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Tusirefers to Chieftain in Chinese. Chiefdom was an ancient title accorded by Chinese emperors to leaders of various ethnic tribes submitting to the rule of the emperors. The system dates back to the Qin Dynasty, or well over more than two thousand years ago. The system was further improved in the Yuan Dynasty and perfected in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Once accorded by an emperor, the title is hereditary and the chieftain is actually a “local emperor”. Yunnan boasts a very long history of the chiefdom system. Back in 1950, there were still 71 chieftains in the province. The oldest chiefdom, with a history of about 800 years, was inXishuangbannaPrefecture in Southern Yunnan.


       Chieftains often designated certain tea trees on a well-chosen mountain slope for their own consumption. The choice tea leaves were collected and made into Tusi Tea Bricks for them. Traditionally, there were families in charge of brewing tea for chieftains in villages near their residences. Various tea ceremonies were created by chieftains to accommodate important events, such as political meetings, diplomatic exchanges, weddings, celebrations and rituals.

       So when you have this Tusi Tea Brick, you will enjoy a slice of  Chieftan's life in ancient China.

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