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Premium Aged Brick Tea
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Premium Aged Brick Tea

It’s a must-have for all tea lovers. There are 2 kinds of package, 8 pieces and 18 pieces.

  • Item code: G53D5E81051BC5
  • Weight.: 250.000 (g)
  • Item number: G53D5E81051BC5
  • Unit: piece
  • Points: 799
  • List Price: $122.00
  • Price: $115.00
    All characteristics of choice Pu'er tea are embodied in a well-known Chinese verse, which says, “A thousand times or more in quest of one, who I have concluded, cannot be found; for, everywhere, no trace of her can be seen, when, all of a sudden, I turned about, that's her, where lanterns are few and far between”.

8 pieces package


18 pieces package

cwong23 Said: 16-11-18 17:26
I'm using a tea port to make the brick tea with hot water. How many time can I refill the tea port with hot water before changing to brick tea. Thanks Wong CS
管理员[樊晏杉]  Reply: 16-11-22 10:29
You can just refill it untill no colour no taste. Thank you
jenny Said: 15-03-31 13:02
How much is one piece of the above brick tea 250g cost? How to make it into drinking tea.?
管理员[admin]  Reply: 15-04-01 11:50
It costs USD96 per piece of 250g, inclusive of delivery. For one person's drinking, usually put about 5 grams into a tea pot or mug to make tea.
非会员顾客 Said: 14-11-20 06:34
How old is this Thea ?
管理员[admin]  Reply: 14-11-20 10:39
12 years
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