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7 Leaves Ginseng Tea (Qi Ye Dan)
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7 Leaves Ginseng Tea (Qi Ye Dan)

It helps to nourish internal organs, increase the immunity system, and good for people weak in health. It helps to protect the liver. It is helpful to gain a good sleep. And it can be served together with Puer tea, for better taste and healthcare function

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  • Unit: box (80 sachets)
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        Modern scientific studies have indicated that active ingredients in the Seven Leaves Ginseng Tea can regulate blood pressure, lower cholesterol level and enhance uric acid excretion. The Seven Leaves Ginseng Tea contains over 80 types of saponins, 17 kinds of amino acids indispensable to human metabolism, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E, polysaccharide, flavonoids and trace elements that are beneficial to human health.


        The herbal tea is made from choice Seven Leaves Ginseng growing in Yunnan towering mountains untouched by pollution. Thus it features a mellow flavor and does not contain any chemical additives. 

patriciac_online Said: 17-03-13 15:31
Do you have an agent in Singapore who sells this tea? If not, do you ship to Singapore then? Best Patricia
管理员[樊晏杉]  Reply: 17-03-16 17:19
We have only one agent in Kunming, if you want to buy this tea, you can order online, and we will ship for you.
非会员顾客 Said: 14-11-20 09:34
Hi There Do you have any suppliers of this tea in Melbourne, Australia? If not, what is the minimum order you can ship to Melbourne Australia? I purchased a tin on a recent holiday to China and love it so much I would like to find an ongoing supplier. Warm Regards Belinda Gillam Derry
管理员[admin]  Reply: 14-11-20 10:38
Sorry, we don't have an agent in Melbourn. You can order the tea online. And even you order 1 box, we will send it to your address. We have delivered quite a lot of tea to your country.
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