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How to Loosen and Break Pu‘er Tea

Release date:2016-09-24

How to Loosen and Break Pu'er Tea

If you are looking for an interesting tea, you need to check out Pu'er. This is a tea that is actually fermented and it is made in the Yunnan province of China. The process of fermentation is exactly what it sounds like, it actually is a process in which the tea leaves go through a fermentation process at a microbial level. This process actually occurs after the leaves are dried and rolled and it can come in loose leaf or compressed form.

When you start breaking the tea, you need to start in a corner. You don't want to start in the middle of the brick, it just isn't going to work for you. You need to stick the needle in and find a place where the needle goes in far enough. Once you find a place where you can pry it, it gets really easy from there, here are a few tips to helping ensure that you pry your tea correctly every time.

Once you find a place in one of the corners that you can insert your tea needle, do so, and using the tea needle, rotate it and press it to insert the tea needle.

At last, the final stick can separate the segment from the tea block. All the three sticks make a perfect demonstration.


Pry tea from the backside rather than the face of your Pu'er tea cakes, bing or tuocha, so that retains its original shape and style for as long as possible, allowing it to be stored properly.

The first step in removing Pu'er tea flakes from a tightly compressed bing is to find a place that you can insert your tea needle or tea knife the easiest.  This may prove to be challenging, so you may have to try several different places to insert your needle or knife before you find an adequate place to begin.

When you find a good place to start your prying, insert your tea needle or tea knife into the bing Pu'er and shake your hand to loosen the bing up for the first time.  Since bing is a more tightly compressed tea, you may need to take more time to insert your tools to pry it loose more easily.

Although you may have to try for a while to get it started to loosen up, you will find that with patience the bing can be loosened properly for the prying loose of the tea.  Bing Pu'er and some of the harder Pu'er tea bricks are extremely compressed and very tightly compacted, so you may have to be patient yet persistent in loosening your bing Pu'er so that you can brew a better cup of tea.