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How does tea help fitness and against cardiovascular diseases?

Release date:2014-10-09

       Pu'er tea produced in Yunnan Province is renowned for its pharmaceulogical functions. Research shows that Pu'er tea is excellent for diets and helps against cardiovascular diseases. Clinical experiments show that drink Tuocha from time to time helps reduce weight significantly and decrease the contents of antilipoidic compounds. Persons suffering from over-weight, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases could be helped by drinking Pu'er.

       Oolong tea can be used in diets. It is functional in dissolving fat, and helps in digestion of food and discharge of urine and constipation.


       Persons suffering from radioactive pollution can benefit from drinking tea. Polyphenols contained in tea acted combinatively with oligosaccharose and vitamin C in absorbing the radioactive element Sr. Therefore, tea merits as "Beverage of Atomic Age."