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Tea helps to disinfect and alleviate inflammation and helps urinary output and purge toxin

Release date:2014-09-29

Polyphenols contained in tea can kill the colon bacillus, typhoid and cholera, etc. by solidifying their protein contained in those bacteria. Folk remedies prevailing in China showed that a cup of strong tea is good for curing the bacillary dysentery, applying for external wounds; dispersing toxin and inflammation. The patent drugs using tea as raw material are good for dysentery and cold. 

Polyphenols contained in tea can be used to purify water by decomposing the aluminum, zinc and alkaloid contained in water.

Tea is known for its efficaciousness in combating alcoholism and nicotinism. When one is heavily drunken, one or two cups of strong tea will help to dispose all the unnecessary things out of you by neutralizing alcohol with caffeine and polyphenols.

Nicotine contained in cigarettes enters into human body when one smokes. Most heavy smokers use tea to alleviate harm. That's why most cigarette smokers savor tea.