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Questions & Answers

Release date:2014-09-26

A.  Who should avoid drinking tea?

People suffer from insomnia, gastric ulcer, flu, fever and pregnant women. 
B.  What tea is suitable for kids?
It is recommended that kids do not drink too much tea and the tea should be light.
C.  How much tea should we drink daily?
For adults, suggested quantity is 12 grams per day and should be divided into 3-4 infusions. 20 grams per day is suggested for hard laborers and those work under extreme temperatures and toxin environment. The quantity can be more for people with habitual smoking and greasy food.
D.  How to store Puerh tea?
It should be stored in a cool, dry place; avoid direct sunlight or placing it next to strongly flavored or fragrant items. 
E     Anything else shall we know when drinking tea?
       1. Avoid drinking tea with empty stomach.
       2. Avoid drinking  extremely hot tea.
       3. Avoid drinking  extremely strong tea.
       4. Avoid over-steeping tea.
       5. Avoid drinking tea just before and after meals.
       6. Do not take medications along with tea.
       7. Avoid drinking tea steeped overnight.